Single use solutions for sampling

Together with the laboratory supplier CARL ROTH we would like to inform you about the advantages of single-use articles for sampling. Due to the cleaning effort and the associated costs, it is often more cost-effective to use single-use samplers. Compare the effort and costs:

Multiple sampler

  • Bring multiple samplers f
  • or cleaningprovide
  • cleaning materialDismantle col
  • lectorautoclave and dry if necessaryColle
  • ctor assembly, packaging and storageLogistics
  • storage, administration, auditing.

One-way samplers

  • Unpack single-use articles → take a sample & analyze → recycling. The single-use samplers are made of environmentally friendly PE or PP and can be recycled without any problems.
  • Contamination with other samples and materials is excluded
  • The time-consuming, cost-intensive and time-consuming cleaning is no longer necessary.
  • The work processes do not have to be interrupted by cleaning.
  • The audits do not require validation and compliance with the cleaning method.

A detailed explanation can be found in the product brochure.

Special offers

All single-use samplers shown in this product brochure can be purchased from chemfidence at special prices.

Please ask for our offer: notification form | contact persons

Download Product Brochure

Laboratory exhibition

Together with the laboratory equipment supplier CARL ROTH, we invite you to our laboratory exhibition at Industriepark Höchst on May 3, 2018. The directions can be found here.

chemfidence laboratory exhibition: single-use articles for sampling

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